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Corals could survive controlled climate change

If global warming can be slowed from its current trajectory, there is a chance that corals will be able to adapt, according to a marine biologist whose research is focused on the organism’s resilience to climate change. Dr Anya Salih, a bioimaging specialist who studies the fluorescence of corals, told a Melbourne audience last month … Continue reading

Creating A Welcome – craftivism for asylum seekers (video)

A network of craft workers horrified by the Australian government’s treatment of asylum seekers has raised well over $10,000 to support them at a series of weekend markets in Melbourne’s inner north. Organisers say the Creating A Welcome initiative came out of a desire to do something practical and overcome feelings of helplessness about federal … Continue reading

True North a true reflection

For those who came overwhelmed and weary from the weekend before’s White Night event in the Melbourne CBD, Reservoir’s inaugural arts festival offered some welcome respite. There were no crowds to fight your way through, no bewildering array of venues and performances to choose from and no light and laser spectacles to over-excite and befuddle … Continue reading

Kris Kringle market finale

There was a good turnout for the last of the Kris Kringle markets at Northcote Town Hall on Thursday night but mixed reports from stallholders about sales over the four‑week event. A healthy crowd was circulating through the hall and forecourt area, poring over displays of colourful and inventive wares in the market’s final hours, … Continue reading

Far cry from Flemington – Cup Day refugee welcome

New Matilda, 9 November: About a month ago Jacob Grech was talking with some friends about where to have the Melbourne Cup barbie this year when the idea came to them. “A few of us had been sitting around having a few beers the night before thinking about how we needed to come up with … Continue reading

The tomatina – world’s biggest food fight

Sydney Morning Herald, 26 August 2006: I was scared of drowning in tomato soup. “People will pull you out,” Mike said. “Anyway, you’ll be with me.” A tall New Zealander with tattoos and a background in adventure sports, Mike was the person to be around if there was any chance of drowning. It had been … Continue reading

Rod Quantock’s comedy of collapse

‘The Insane Asylum (You’re Standing in It)’ Melbourne Comedy Festival 2011 Bananas, according to Rod Quantock, are good for your sense of humour. It’s the lecithin in them, he says. With Queensland flood damage pushing prices up to $4 a piece, the comedian worries for his audience, who won’t be able to claim the fruit … Continue reading