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After the Walk-Off – Wave Hill 40 years on

New Matilda, 23 August 2006 ‘Come on, people, give Mick some space!’ an organiser shouts. Mick Rangiari Lumbulla, a frail old man wearing sunglasses, is in danger of suffocating in the crowd of whitefellas who surround his wheelchair in a photo-taking frenzy. It’s Freedom Day, 2006, the 40th anniversary of the Wave Hill Walk-off, and … Continue reading

Night is falling – death of a neighbour

Big Issue, 2001 Public places are full of stories – and secrets. Jenny Denton remembers her chats with a homeless man living in a local park – and her shock on hearing of his terrible fate. A light mist hangs a few inches from the grass and Mort and I are breathing fog-puffs as we … Continue reading