Rural stories

‘Respectful partnership’ (Natural horsemanship display)

‘Koori practitioner has a lot to give’ (Mel Lane from MDAS graduates)

‘Give and take over 72 years’ (Former merino stud farmers celebrate a big anniversary)

‘New recruit’ (Five-month-old Dill is in training with the health service as a therapy dog)



‘Indigenous fire lessons’ (Relationships at heart of land management, Churchill Fellow learns )



‘Highway hotel up for sale’ (The Four Posts Hotel at Jarklin is a piece of local history)


‘Old charmers’ (Legendary old time dance band The Gay Charmers celebrates 60th anniversary)

‘Farmers on the fence’ (A lack of rain leaves farmers considering cutting their crops for hay)

‘Hunter and a greenie’ (SFFP and Greens electioneers make a connection)



‘Unique discovery’ (Scientists find new mineral in Wedderburn meteorite)

‘Blueprint for park created by kids’ (Arts-based consultation transforms disused park)



‘Solar on site’ (Work starts on the Cohuna solar farm)


‘Mine Concerns’ (Goschen mineral sands project worries farmers)


 ‘Milk needs water’ (Water a top priority at dairy plan consultation)


‘Sharing means caring’ (“No BS” food share program seeks funds)

‘Pregnant focus a winner’ (Hometown girl Alana Holmberg wins prestigious photo prize)

‘People’s priest heeds call’ (Popular unconventional priest Fr Simon Robsinson bids the district farewell)



‘Shear class’ (Wedderburn shearing school a community collaboration)

‘Fame for local former Swan’  (Kid from Kerang inducted into Swans Hall of Fame)

Writing win for Matthew’ (Local screenwriter tackles “challenging” themes)



‘Veteran’s MCG honour’ (Former Navy man to take part in Anzac Day motorcade)



‘Rocky still producing’ (Local fruiterer shuts shop that has been ‘an institution’)

‘Community inclusion’  (Piggery wins award for Filipino community support)



‘Kettlebell calling’ (Local student achieves international success in tough sport)


 ‘Late merit’ (Nonagenarian receives honorary school certificate)



 ‘Broader significance’ (Bush regeneration project aims to build resilience to climate change)


 ‘Take it as it comes’ (District dance teachers look back over their life together)



‘Family instinct for art’
(Artist Bob Heddle recognised with local association membership)



 ‘From wild to willing’ (Brumby Challenge trainer wins award and happy ending)



‘Children’s author recognised’ (Species survival story short-listed for award)



‘Krystal Fraser mystery’ (Ongoing probe into missing Pyramid Hill woman’s disappearance)



 ‘Man arrested over shooting incident’ (Police investigate assault rifle shooting following break in)

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