Allan McCallum: Queen’s Birthday honour
Cann Group founder and former VFF Grains Group boss recognised for role in primary industry.

Geoff and Gwen Thompson: ‘Trip the light fantastic’ (Our Region, Our People magazine)
Cohuna couple’s energy and love for rock ‘n roll has left a lasting legacy in the local cultural landscape

Glenice Ficken: ‘A class of her own’ (Our Region, Our People magazine)
One of the first female wooldclassers in Australia, Glenice has worked in sheds all over the country and ran the gauntlet of violent protest in outback NSW during the wide comb shearers dispute of the early 1980s.

Bill and Gwen Twigg: ‘Nature’s lessons’
Bears Lagoon farmers continue learning about natural practices, rejoicing over the many species drawn to their man-made wetland

Elaine Jones: ‘A model for weather readings’
After decades perfecting systems at the Kerang Model Farm, Elaine Jones has sent off the last of her beef cows, but continues the work she began with husband and Agriculture office boss Gyn reporting the weather for the BOM.

Ruth Ogetay: ‘A passion to help prisoners’
West Papuan Ruth Ogetay always wanted to be a nurse, but an experience with domestic violence set her life on a new course.

Rod Quantock: ‘Comedy of collapse’
With the collapse of civilisation as we know it imminent, Quantock sees that all that’s left to do is hand out the Nembutal, hope the disaster might be mitigated and enjoy the cosmic humour of the situation.

Kerang Elder George McGee farewelled.
Yorta Yorta man George McGee,  who moved to Kerang when he met his wife-to-be Shirley, has been remembered as a leader who made great strides in establishing the importance of Aboriginal culture and traditional land ownership in Gannawarra Shire.

Mallee screenwriter takes international award
LGBTQ Screenwriting Competition winner Matthew Barker says it was the wide open spaces of the Mallee that first got him making up stories.

‘Ral’ and Jean Chalmers celebrate 72 years
Former Canary Island merino stud farmers Harold and Jean Chalmers first met as young teenagers at the railway station in Bendigo. They looked back over more than seven decades together when they celebrated their anniversary at Murray Haven aged care home.

Ruslan Shakin: ‘Water mission’
On a 4,300km summer jog across Australia, the 38-year-old Russian wants to “feel the thirst” as he raises money for a charity providing clean water for communities who lack access to it.

‘In his own words’: ‘Astro Bill’
A former long-term traveller, Bill Ricketts created a nature habitat and “stonehenge garden” and set himself up for some serious star-gazing when he moved to Kerang.

‘In her own words’: Eunice Long (1925-2020)
Eunice Long, who in her childhood lived in the Mystic Park pub, which her grandparents owned, had “a hard, tough old life” but one that was full of love and family.

‘In his own words’: Stuart Simms
Gay Charmer Stuart Simms never made his fortune as a dance hall musician but the former farmer and agricultural contractor has travelled the country and had a lot of enjoyment with the group over its 61-year history.

‘In his own words’: Bob Wilson
After a working life spent driving, Bob Wilson retired to Quambatook, where he found the peace and quiet to collect cars, spend time with his cats and enjoy the coffee.

‘In her own words’: Jenny Johnson
Jenny Johnson grew up eating rabbits at Gunbower Estate, which in May 1950 was one of the first release sites of the myxomatosis virus. Since then she has had a life of variety and achievement.

‘In their own words’: Lochie and Brad
Vivid Kerang Work Crew members Lochie Neil and Brad Wolf discuss work, friends, family, sport and the impacts of the Coronavirus

‘Taking the Time’ (from ‘Radical Radio – Celebrating 40 years of 3CR‘, 2016)
Jan Bartlett only intended to answer the phones when she first ventured into 3CR. More than three decades later the Tuesday Hometime presenter has become an institution at the station.

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