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Indonesia, Papua & Timor

One Papuan’s passion to help political prisoners

Happy RuthJakarta Post, 26 February. Ruth Ogetay wanted to be a nurse, but an experience with domestic violence set her life on a new course.

Ruth Ogetay found her calling in Jakarta. The 27-year-old from Paniai, Papua, had dreamed since childhood of becoming a nurse, and after finishing high school left home to study in Java.

Although in Yogyakarta she finished her degree and qualified for the job, a nightmare started to unfold there that caused her to flee the city.

When an old acquaintance arrived in Yogyakarta, Ruth was busy writing her final assignments. Although she hardly knew him, he insisted on meeting up.

On their first outing, to church, Ruth says, he introduced her in front of her friends as his fiance. The next day when he saw her walking with a male friend he punched her in the face.


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