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Borneo, Environment, Sarawak

Sarawak Save Rivers group in Australia

Peter Kallang and James Usang in Melbourne

Photo: Save Rivers

New Matilda, 29 November. Next week two indigenous Sarawakians will meet with the CEO of Hydro Tasmania to protest the Australian company’s involvement in a string of destructive hydroelectric dams in their state.

In 1990, former Greens leader Bob Brown won the inaugural Goldman Environmental Prize — a $150,000 award for grassroots activism — for his role in the campaign against the damming of the Franklin River.

Another recipient of the prize that year was Harrison Ngau, an indigenous Kenyah man from Sarawak, who was working for Sahabat Alam (Friends of the Earth) Malaysia to try to stop the rapid deforestation of the Bornean state.



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